About Budopunkt


Budopunkt is a sports and health equipment retailer and distributor.


Our relationship with sports began back in 1978, when the company's founder Igor started training and competing in the japanese martial art karate, going on to become a two-time Soviet Union karate champion, a top trainer, the founder of a sports club, and a judge. 


Establishing a company selling martial arts equipment in 1997 was a logical continuation of he’s career.


Ten years later we opened our first online shop in Estonia, followed by webshops in Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. Today we sell to institutional customers as well as hundreds of gyms and tens of thousands of retail customers across Europe.


25 years since our founding, we have grown to be an Estonian TOP20 sports equipment company and we are a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Budopunkt’s 600m2 shop-warehouse is located in Tallinn, Estonia.


Awards and recognitions


Estonian Gazelle Company - top 1% of fastest growing companies
Baltic Business News

Family Business of a Year, TOP10 nomination
National Entrepreneurship awards

Estonian Gazelle Company - top 1% of fastest growing companies
Baltic Business News

Bronze award in Rebranding category
Estonian Design Awards

User-friendly Sports & Hobbies Webstore of a Year, TOP3 nomination
Estonian Ecommerce Association


What does "Budopunkt" mean?


The Japanese word 'budo' in the name Budopunkt is often translated as 'martial arts' or 'war route'. 


But there are also other interpretations.


The character 'bu', marking the first half of the word, consists of two components, one of which stands for 'weapon/violence', while the other refers to the verb 'stop/end'. 'Do', the second part of the word, refers to a 'route, target, or lifestyle'.


Therefore, not the route of war but the route of peace, not violence but putting an end to violence.


We believe that carefully selected sports and healthcare products contribute to everyone's aspirations for a healthier, more diverse and courageous life.