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  1. Fairtex Open Thumb MMA Gloves
    from €59.00
  2. Fairtex Backpack
  3. Fairtex FGV15 MMA Sparring Gloves
    from €65.00
  4. Fairtex FGV17 Sparring & Training MMA Gloves
    from €69.00
  5. Fairtex FGV13 MMA Ultimate Combat Enclosed Thumb Gloves
  6. Fairtex BGV1 Leather Boxing Gloves
    from €88.00
  7. Fairtex BGL6 Lace Boxing Gloves
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11 Items

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All of Fairtex products are meticulously engineered and crafted. Fairtex engineers work with fighters to produce the best Muay Thai products in the world. Thailand is the harshest environments on Muay Thai products. Most Thai fighters in Thailand train outside in very humid and hot weather up to 2 times a day. Training sessions are usually over 2 hours long with products being drenched in sweat, blood and tears. You can rest assure that Fairtex products will protect you and your training partners. Fairtex offers you quality leather & pure Thai handmade boxing gear. All Muay Thai and MMA sport enthusiasts can find unique and limited edition sparring and bag gloves. All your boxing gear from Fairtex: hand wraps, gloves, clothes, protection and punching bags.