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  1. Dojo Studio puzzle mat
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  2. Dojo Studio Wood puzzle mat
    Dojo Studio Wood puzzle mat
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  3. Dojo Studio Double puzzle mat
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  4. Dojo Checkered puzzle mat
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  5. Dojo Checkered puzzle mat
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  6. Dojo Checkered puzzle mat
    from €38.00
  7. Dojo Checkered puzzle mat
    from €38.00
  8. Dojo Arena puzzle mat
  9. Dojo Fit Standard puzzle mat
  10. Dojo Fit Classic puzzle mat
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  11. Dojo Gym puzzle mat
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  12. Dojo Fit puzzle mat
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Where can I use puzzle mats? Are interlocking mats suitable for home usage?

Puzzle mats are widely used in the sports field. They are particularly suitable for indoor (sporting) activities (martial arts, combat sports). Interlocking mat systems are a smart way to cover floors in a gym or any other type of space where a softer surface is needed. You can cover your preferred area completely or partially - whatever fills the needs of the space and activity.

Lots of clients have purchased the mats for home usage as well - especially for covering children playrooms and of course for home workout as well. Interlocking mats can be really efficient in apartments, where you need to consider with neighbours.
If your training programme contains jumping or hopping or other noisy/shocking loads, then the mat can reduce the impact. So it really is a multifunctional solution for many things.

How thick should interlocking foam mats be? Why are some sports mats thinner and other thicker - is this a quality indicator?

Thinner puzzle mats are more used in martial arts sports like karate, muay thay, taekwondo, kickboxing). Usually we recommend 2 cm mats for these disciplines. Why? Cause these sports are done in upright positions - kicks and punches - no wrestling or flips are done. So 2cm thickness meets the needs of the users.

Thicker sports mats require more material and the need to absorb the impact of the flips to secure safety for the users. Judo, MMA, wrestling - here it is best to choose 4 cm thickness for the interlocking mats.

All in all the thickness does not indicate the quality of a mat, but it has to be chosen within the requirements of the discipline.


What should I consider beforehand buying the training mats?

Measure the size of your room - standard size of the mat is 100x100 cm, so it is easy to order. The size of your room (m2) = the quantity of your mats.

To choose the right thickness, evaluate the usage of the activities mainly done on it.
Color - this is really individual (except for traditional rules for certain sports), know your preferences and then it would be easier for us to offer suggestions too.

Delivery - if you are asking for an offer, make sure you write to us if you need delivery to your address or you can pick it up yourself - then we can make the most accurate offer.

I need a bigger amount of mats, do I have to pre order, how long does it take?

We keep a modest amount of puzzle mats in our stock, so single pieces can be bought immediately. But usually the order needed is quite specific, so we have to specially purchase it and the delivery might take 2 - 4 weeks. It would be great if you wrote about your request to info@budopunkt.eu then we can put a personal offer together for you.


Budopunkt references - where can your mats be found?

Over the past 20 years Budopunkt has been selling thousands of square meters of sports mats. We have been a supplier for various martial art and combat sports clubs, public and private sector gyms as well as home usage training.


How to install interlocking sports mats?

Installation is easy and you do not have to have prior experience. The system is simple - just as a puzzle is - you attach the pieces together where you need to cover the floor. The will interlock and form a stable whole unit. You can place them directly on the floor (no adhesive or other attachment tools are needed).

It is really cool to know that whenever you need to empty the floor, you can easily take the mats apart and stack them up. Also if the room and mats do not match, for instance the area is needed to be covered totally from wall to wall, then you can cut the mats with a sharp knife. But please evaluate the cutting measures carefully before making the move.