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  1. Body Solid Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells HEXRU
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  2. Livepro Studio Colored Dumbbells
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  3. Liveup Bone Neoprene Dumbbells
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  4. Livepro Studio Neoprene Dumbbells
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  5. Liveup urethane dumbell set
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  6. Liveup Dumbbell Set
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  7. Livepro Hex Rubber dumbbells
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  8. Livepro Adjustable Dumbbell Set With Rack
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Strength training with dumbbells

A dumbbell is a simple training and fitness equipment that can easily be used at home and gyms. They especially provide effective upper body strength and core training.

Fatigue is the keyword if we talk about strength training. The goal is to exhaust the muscle with right technique and load to gain progress and develop the muscle tissue adaptations. Note that with exercise you always have to consider recovery time as part of the training = optimal ratio between resting and training.

The most common practice for strength training is to use repetition methods. But what does it actually mean? It means to perform an exercise with a series, by using specific time or repetition limits.

For example: 3 series of exercise, 10-12 repetition per serie; recovery interval between series 30-90 seconds.

You can change the difficulty of the exercise by adding/removing weights or extend or shorten the time.

Over the years Budopunkt has equipped many governmental institution gyms (police and military etc) and sports clubs (martial arts, combat sports, team sports etc) with our selection of dumbbells. Budopunkt provides Liveup, Livepro and Gymstick dumbells with different shapes, weights and materials for home and commercial uses.

How to choose the right dumbbell weight?

Select a dumbbell or dumbbell set that meet your needs - consider your athletic level, type of exercise and goal of the wanted outcome (maximal strength, building muscle tissue, muscle endurance etc). Only optimal weight for you will provide quality and efficient training. If the weight is too light or heavy it won’t give adequate training benefit.

Beginners should always follow a simple rule - start from lighter and later add heavier weights. Pluss - learn the correct techniques - that will minimize the risk of injuries and you’ll enjoy training even more.

If your wallet is up for it, consider buying two different weight sets or as an alternative - an adjustable dumbbell set. So you can add and remove plates from the bar - mix things up by changing the weight load and character of specific exercises.

Selection and description of dumbbells

The standard dumbbell weights are between 0.5 - 30kg. There are dumbbells with fixed and adjustable weights - you can easily change the weights/plates similar to lifting bars. So there is a decent variable selection to choose your dumbbell which suits best to your needs.

In general dumbbells are sold in pairs, but be aware that certain models are not and can be bought separately as well. On our webshop you can define the difference by the indication 2xXkg. The symbol 2x points to the pair.


You’ll notice that dumbbells have different shapes and materials - what should I prefer?

Rubber coated dumbbells are usually mostly used in home workout and studios/group training. The rubbery material protects the floor and product itself. It also gives a really good grip and the dumbbell won’t slip or fall down so easily compared to metal surfaces.

Heavier dumbbells, from 10+ kg have metallic grip (not covered with any extra coat), but still the “heads” are covered with rubber/urethane/vinyl etc. That will minimize the noise made if the dumbbell slips out of hands and falls down.

The world of dumbbell shapes is also colorful and they usually indicate the specific usage of the product. Nevertheless you can do almost every exercise with all of the dumbbells - don’t have to worry about that. But still keep in mind to investigate the differences and maybe some are better for you than the rest.

For example, square and hex shaped dumbbells stay in place on the floor, they won’t start to roll (especially when the surface is uneven). Pluss a great advantage is that you can combine exercises with ease that need quick transitions (pushups with dumbbells etc).