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What can I do with a kettlebell?

Strength is one of our basic physical abilities. Kettlebell is a (one of) fitness equipment tool which you can use to train that. Not particularly a light and compact tool to carry around, but a proper and efficient one, that is handy as an alternative to dumbbells or lifting bars.

What makes it different than..lets say from dumbbells? Are there any?

Kettlebell is a bit more complex metal training equipment than dumbbells (looking from the beginners side of view).

Dumbbells and kettlebells both categorize as free weights. They give you the opportunity to use your muscle power to surpass the resistance needed to lift up the weight. By doing that with multiple repetitions you are starting to make your muscle tissue stronger and gaining more power.

So they both work towards the same goal, but kettlebells look different and have their own technical features. I’ll give you a short overview below, so stay tooned!


What types of kettlebells do we have and what does the handle shape indicate?

Kettlebells have mostly two distinct handle shapes, depending whether to hold it with a single handed grip or with two hands. So the handle which narrows down is a training kettlebell and can be used by holding with two hands.

The competition ones are evenly aligned and used for single grip exercises. Pluss the competition kettlebells are all the same size even if the weight changes (training kettlebells increase according to the weight). So the shape is a really good indicator for the usage of the kettlebell.

Here comes the interesting part of kettlebells - it is actually a separate sports discipline as well - many competitions (snatch and jerk) are held - so there is not only training but a competitive output to this tool as well.


I’d like to buy a kettlebell, what should I consider?

First of all, think through where are you going to use it, what space would you be using?
If you have a well equipped home gym then you should be covered. But if not then, I’d recommend purchasing a rubber mat underneath your kettlebell training. Why - let's find out together.

As you know by now - kettlebell is a heavy piece of metal - you have to prevent any kind of safety issues for the user and the space. If the kettlebells slips or falls, then you want your floors to not be murdered underneath them. Rubber flooring or a piece of rubber mat will minimize the damages and adds protection.

NB! To reduce sweat from your hands, use chalk to keep your hands dryer: BP link.
Rubber mats help to absorb shock when the kettlebell touches the ground, which means less noise for you and for your neighbours.

The mat helps to sustain a longer lifetime for the kettlebell

Where can I get a rubber mat, you ask? Look no further, here you go: rubber mats.

Budopunkt has a selection of rubber mats: interlocking, covers, single pieces. Notice that we have only single models which we keep in our Tallinn stock, so it is best to consult with our customer service for additional information.


What kind of kettlebells do Budopunkt sell?

We have both types of kettlebells: training and competition. If we do not have the requested quantity in stock immediately or the type of kettlebells wished on our website, then write to us, lets see if we can provide a solution.


Should I buy two equally weighted kettlebells or is one enough?

The choice is yours, but usually one kettlebell from a specific weight is enough. That depends on largely what kind of training exercises will be used and also if you are a beginner or advanced user. There is no need to buy two kettlebells from the same weight as it is common for example with dumbbells. Nevertheless clients usually buy kettlebells with different weights, to spice up the training and play with the load.

Where can I learn the technique?

Crossfit training is a discipline which is really starting to increase its popularity. Kettlebell is one of the main tools used for strengthening the body. So definitely we recommend learning a decent technique from a specialist - right movement will lower the risks of injuries and traumas as well.