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Discounts for sports clubs


Sports clubs form the basis of every sports association, both through the training of hopeful talents
for competitive sports and through a wide range of programs for recreational sports.
Budopunkt appreciates these efforts and wants to contribute its part to the big picture.

Every athlete needs his equipment, every club his reliable supplier and partner.
Budopunkt has the complete package and wants to support both, athletes and clubs in all areas.

CLUB DISCOUNTS | Loyal customers deserve special appreciation.
That is why we offer clubs special rates on the entire Budopunkt range.

MEMBER DISCOUNT | You have a chance to get a Member Discount Code,
which gives discounts to your club members and collects credit for you at the same time.

CUSTOMIZING | We customize all products with high quality embroidery and printing.
Tell us what you want, we make it happen.

TEAMWEAR | One team, one dream. We get your team
a uniform look with our high-quality teamwear products.


Please send us your club data to email address
We look forward to get in touch with you!

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