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  1. Mizuno Пояс
    от. Special Price 8,00 € от. Regular Price 17,00 €
  2. MIZUNO кимоно для дзюдо Kodomo 2
    от. Special Price 16,00 € от. Regular Price 32,00 €
  3. MIZUNO кимоно для дзюдо Hayato
    от. Special Price 27,00 € от. Regular Price 51,00 €
  4. Mizuno Yusho III Red label IJF approved кимоно для дзюдо
    от. Special Price 95,00 € от. Regular Price 151,00 €
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4 шт.

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MIZUNO: Judo Gi & Judo Belts

Founded 1906 in Osaka (Japan) by Rhachi Mizuno. Because of its extensive range of products this japanese brand is very well known among judo athletes around the world. Mizuno has developed over more than a century to a global player and is now one of the top suppliers of many different sports.

The brand for high-quality judo equipment

Mizuno develops its products according to the motto "expect more", therefore, the Mizuno judogi for professional athletes, which place particularly high demands on a kimono. The particular elegance of GI´s affects the carrier and creates a unique and unmistakable appearance. The comfort qualities of the material used for it have been reinforced caused of the special Japanese quality for many years. That made the suits so popular. The GI´s are supported especially by the Japanese and Brazilian national teams and for top athletes around the world.

Japanese national team uses Mizuno judo equipment

The Japanese national team is one of the most successful and ambitious judo teams in the world. In the past as well as today, the team won its victories in suits of the Japanese brand Mizuno