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Dojo Боксёрский мешок

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Dojo boxing bag is ideal for gyms and home usage. He bags are suitable for adults and juniors. Over the years Budopunkt has sold this bad to many sports clubs and gyms. Hundreds of athletes and sports enthusiasts have been training with this bag for years. Reasonable price and quality relation.


made of strong PVC material


  • zipper closing on top
  • the bags have durable stitches and reinforced chain attachments
  • the bag is filled with textile ribbons

How to choose the right size boxing bag?

The golden rule is to choose a bag that is ½ of the users bodyweight. For example, if you weigh 80 kg then the bag should be approx. 40kg (this applies for the bags that can be attached to the ceiling (standing punching bag base is usually filled with 100L of water).

If you wish to practicepunches + low kicks then choose a bit longer and heavier bag (if only upper body punches then shorter).

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Артикул DT-M5525-conf
Bес 9.00
Бренд Dojo
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Категория Punching bags
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