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Dojo Heavy Boxing Trainer Боксёрский мешокt

320,00 €
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-total height 195 cm

-punching bag Ƙ42x132 cm

-base Ƙ81x35.5 cm/weight 8 kg

-base tank with water ~140kg

Color: black

Features: the base tank capacity is up to 140 kg, which can be filled with water or sand. This makes the whole bag stand still and it can hold up to really strong kicks and punches.

Usage: boxing is beneficial to your whole body. In addition to your upper body workout, you can strengthen your abdominal and leg muscles. ItĀ´s an ideal cardiovascular training. Free standing boxing bag is perfect for home usage and even in an office - why not! ThereĀ´re no worries with extra attachments - just put the bag to the spot thatĀ´s suitable for you.

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Артикул STDPK-005
Bес 3.00
Бренд Dojo
Пол Н/Д
Набор Н/Д
Сертификат Н/Д

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