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Dojo Конструкция для боксёрского мешка с основанием для груши

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The Victory Sports punching bag construction with speedball base is the ideal system to hang both your heavy bag and your speed ball at the same time. No need to drill into walls or ceilings.  You can use this multifunctional boxing stand perfectly everywhere in the house. 

This multifunctional heavy bag construction with speedball base is ideal for home use. You do not have to drill in the wall or ceiling and you can start immediately. The boxing bag construction is easy to assemble and can be strengthened by using weights on the foot. The construction is ideal for punching bags up to 150 cm. Not only can you practice punching and kicking, but you can also train your speed, coordination and agility through the speed ball.

Who can use the Victory Sports punching bag stand with Speedball base?

The Victory Sports heavy bag standard with Speedball platform is suitable for people who not only want to improve their coordination, speed and responsiveness, but also want to punch and / or kick a punching bag.

The Victory Sports punching bag stand with Speedball base is available in colour black

measurements: 215 x 120 x 140 (height x width x length)


- Easy to assemble
- no need to drill
- Multifunctional
- Sustainable
- Top quality

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Артикул VSB023
Bес 41.00
Бренд Dojo
Коллекция Н/Д
Пол Н/Д
Категория Крепления для боксерских мешков
Сертификат Нет
Mатериал Н/Д

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