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Fairtex Open Thumb Перчатки для ММА и фитнеса

53,00 €
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Size: M

Color: black

Material: premium quality leather with Fairtexā€™s signature

Diciplines: MMA, fitness

Usage: MMA training and competition gloves


-patent open palm with split knuckles and

ā€œopen thumb loopā€¯ or ā€œthumb enclosureā€¯ designed

for the ultimate grappling control with

minimal restriction

-ergonomically engineered

-tight-fit hand compartment

-premium quality leather with Fairtexā€™s signature

-three-layered foam core system for excellent hand and knuckle protection and shock dispersement

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Артикул FTFMV12-1904-conf
Bес 0.50
Бренд Fairtex
Пол Н/Д
Набор paar
Сертификат Н/Д

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