Hayashi Tenno Karate кимоно для каратэ

75,00 €
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Top karategi HAYASHI TENNO made of 12 oz middle-heavyweight woven and combed cotton, with fortified stitching (WKF approved)

This special new uniform was created under the guidance of world class karateka Efthimios Karamitsos and Siggi Hartl to satisfy

the needs of the serious competitor. To meet the demands of the serious karateka, this uniform features the following:

  • 12oz., middle-heavyweight woven and combed cotton
  • Fortified stitching in the sleeve and jacket areas
  • Special stiching in the leg area promotes a better and more comfortаble fit
  • An improved drawstring ensures a comfortаble fit of the pants
  • Modern Kata-Design
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Артикул 027-1150-conf
Bес 1.00
Бренд Hayashi
Пол Н/Д
Набор Н/Д
Уровень Н/Д
Сертификат WKF
Mатериал Нет

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