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King Pro Снарядные перчатки

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-multi-purpose use on the pad and bag workout


-premium cow leather


-with velcro closure are great for hard-hitting workouts
-easy to put on and take off

-these lightweight premium leather bag gloves are made with superior shock-absorbing materials to keep your hands safe
-handmade in Thailand

-wrist wrap hook & loop closure to minimize wrist injuries
-secure fit
-open thumb

Make sure to use hand wraps underneath your boxing gloves. They will help you to minimize trauma and injury risks during practice. Using correctly placed hand wraps will ensure to protect your wrist, knuckles and joints during strong punches. They fill in

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Артикул KPB-BM-9004
Bес 0.75
Бренд King
Пол Н/Д
Категория Bag gloves
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