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Liveup Battle Rope Канат

33,00 €
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Material: polyester, synthetic fiber


-ideal for fitness, crossfit trainings

-if you are looking something that can improve your endurance, explosiveness and strength – then the battle rope is ideal for all of those physical abilities

-orign: the product has grown out of MMA and UFC system – it is widely used in gym, fitness and circuit trainings


-good handles grip – non slippery

Before using:

the rope can be a bit stiff at first. You can make the rope softer by using a wet warm towel – just clean the rope and let it dry. After several trainings the rope will naturally go softer and more user friendly.

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Артикул LP8170-S1-conf
Bес 8.50
Бренд Liveup
Пол Н/Д
Набор Н/Д
Сертификат Н/Д

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