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Starpro Economy Curved Изогнутый щит для ударов

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Size: 55x35x10cm

Material: PVC


-recommended for kids and junior trainings whose strength capability is not yet developed. For adults and gym trainings this pad is too soft and weak

-designed for practicing mid to low power kick drills. Kick pads are made especially to practice foot kicks. You can train your coordination, accuracy and strength. Curved kick shield (banana shape) allows better hits to the centre. The curved shield catches the kick and makes it safe for your partner - it gives stability, protection and precise kicks


 -1.2mm PVC artificial leather

-nylon re-inforced 3 suitcase handle bars with additional nylon strap holds for arm

-padded with economy Aero foam with vents on the sides.

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Уровень 2019 SALE - MMA
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