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Tatami Armourtech Рашгарды

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The Tatami Armourtech long sleeve compression rash guard features some of the highest quality elements every seen in a grappling and general fitness compression rash guard. The main body material is a solid black 4 way stretch fabric which has been specially formulated to allow for extra compression whilst ensuring moisture is effectively moved away from the body. The bottom of the body features an elasticated rubber band designed to keep the product tight to the body even through vigorous grappling or MMA sessions. Breathable mesh panels have been strategically placed to provide maximum ventilation for complete comfort when training. In addition we have placed a hexagonal rubber mesh area on the elbow joint, this allows for better friction when applying submissions or escaping positions. Features Include: 4 way stretch fabric with moisture wicking properties Elastic rubber waist band Breathable mesh panels Rubber hexagonal area on elbow joint

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Артикул ATRASHBW-S-conf
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Бренд Tatami
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Категория Compression
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Mатериал NN25.06.2020

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