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Top Ten AIBA approved Защита головы

75,00 €
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TOP TEN official AIBA Boxe Headguard, a one-piece molded inner padding is covered with leather. Approved by AIBA, comes with AIBA certification label for official competitions The technological Know How from existing TOP TEN products was used to develop a head guard made of leather, as the demand for a TOP TEN leather head guard has been overwhelming. A one-piece molded inner padding is covered with leather. - The inner padding is made from an extremely elastic and shock absorbent polyurethane foam rubber - This new head guard features extra padding around the ears - The inner surface is made of a velour leather that prevents the head guard from slipping - Tested at the Technical University of Berlin

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Артикул 4069-6003-conf
Bес 1.00
Бренд Top Ten
Пол Н/Д
Набор Н/Д
Уровень Н/Д
Сертификат AIBA
Mатериал Н/Д

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