Top Ten Aiba Утверждённые Боксёрские перчатки

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TOP TEN competition boxing gloves 12 oz, the official boxing equipment glove of 3 Olympic Games. During the Games in 1992 at Barcelona, in 1996 at Atlanta and again at the 2000 Sydney Olympics ...

The special padding in this TOP TEN gloves is made of PPS foam material, while the cover is made from high quality genuine leather. The extra volume in the padding not only protects the fighter while being hit, but it also provides extra protection for the hands and wrists of the puncher, as well.

The consistency, the well-known Bayfill padding has been curved even more and the thumb area has been changed. The new shape allows a more comfortable fit and a simple set up for the fist.

The equipment is made of a patented, special highly elastic foam rubber, which not only absorbs more shock: The material is extremly hygienic and virtually indestructible as well.

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Артикул 2010-6010-conf
Bес 1.00
Бренд Top Ten
Коллекция Нет
Пол Нет
Категория Боксерские перчатки
Сертификат AIBA
Mатериал Кожа

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