Livepro Super резиновая лента - жгут

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Material: lateks


-for every day use – strength and flexibility training

-used as a warm up tool

-suitable in rehabilitation (consult your physiotherapist for the right exercises)

 -used on chin-up bars

Liveup Super rubber band resistance levels according to the color:

Purple – x-light: kids, rehabilitation (2080X13X4.5MM 15-35LBS)

Green – light: rehabilitation and recreational sports (2080X22X4.5MM 25-65LBS)

Red – medium: physically active women and men (2080X32X4.5MM 35-85LBS)

Blue – heavy: advanced users (2080X45X4.5MM 50-125LBS)

Black – x-heavy: for extra advanced users (2080X64X4.5MM 65-170LBS)

Больше информации
Артикул LP8410-YELLOW-conf
Bес 0.30
Бренд Н/Д
Пол Н/Д
Набор Н/Д
Уровень Resistance bands
Сертификат Н/Д

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