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Venum Crimson Viper Штаны для смешанных боевых искусств

54,00 €
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The Venum "Crimson Viper" fightshorts features an ultralightweight microfiber to make you more evasive. The FlexSystemā„¢ located at the crotch will ensure you a full range of moves: on attack or defense you will be able to move fast and launch sudden striking.Technical features: Middle focus closure by Velcro & drawcords for a customized noslip fit without shifting hazard during your motion. Lateral reinforced splits for an extreme sustainability with a hand tensile strength. Speed Gripā„¢ for an easier and faster adjustment of your fightshorts. Proengineering FlexSystem with a 4way stretch fabric placed at the crotch extending your range of move. Crimson Viper design.
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Артикул EU-VENUM-1179-XS-conf
Bес 0.20
Бренд Venum
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