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Wacoku Elastic Защита паха

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- suitаble for various martial arts and combat sports



-size recommendation for body size. The size is based mainly on abdominal circumference, smaller but stаble people better choose one size bigger!


XS: 100 - 120 cm 22" JR cup

S: 120 - 150 cm 24" SR cup

M: 150 - 170 cm 26" cup

L: 179-182 cm 28" SR cup

XL 183 - 201 cm 30" SR cup



-groin protector with cup designed, convenient and secure.

-the protective cup is made of sturdy, high-quality, washable blend fabric with a removable plastic cup designed

-the elastic side panels on the cup designed to create a minimized risk of injury and even direct hits

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