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Wacoku Приспособление для растяжки

32,00 €
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Wacoku Leg Stretcher to improve your flexibility. Stretching machine to aid athletes in maximising stretching before and after training on their own without over-exerting any muscles.

Designed from tubular steel with a padded seat and leg extensions. 

Simply turn the gear-driven crank and leg holders with attached wheels allow you to stretch beyond 180 degrees. Wacoku Leg strecher not only helps you stretch out your hamstrings faster, but you are able to easily measure your incremential progress by how many turns of the tightening wheel you can make.

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Артикул 100-LS2
Bес 2.14
Бренд Wacoku
Collection AW2019
Пол Н/Д
Категория Agility
Сертификат Н/Д
Mатериал Н/Д

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